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Subaraji 11.12.2011

Here is this week's Subaraji~ ^^
There was an audience and some were able to talk with Subaru (lucky fans XD)

Subaraji 11.12.2011

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Happy Birthday~!!!

Happy happy birthday Yuya~ <3333
Whoa O_o still 24!!!!! Sooo young~ <3
I believe your beauty will last for the next 100 yrs!!!! ^^

I love you so much to you~!!!

Subaraji 11/5/2011

Today's Subaraji was the continuation of Subaru's birthday special, meaning Kanjani8 will appear!!
They will all participate in one of the Subaraji's activity, "It's all right".

Subaraji 11.5.2011

Happy Birthday x3

There are three lovely birthdays this week~!!!!

First of all, Happy Belated Birthday V6!!!! ^^ 
I'm sooooo sorry it's a little late :P
But still, my love for you guys is larger than the universe <3333333
I hope you guys would never ever change! I love you all as a very funny, cute, cool, and fabulous group!!
I love you guys soooooo much ^^ My love for you will never change :D

Secondly, Happy Birthday Arashi~!!!
You guys were the first JE group that I had ever loved <333
You have given me many great things in my life. You have given me the hope to live and the hope to have fun in life.
Finally, you have given me the opportunity to love other JE groups.
Thank you very much and I will always support you forever and ever!!!

And finally, my beloved Ryo-chan!!!
Happy Birthday Dokkun!!!
Time flies sooo fast!!! Already 27 O_o
You never changed since childhood neh~ XD 
I love you so so much!!

I love you so much to you~!!!
Here's the Subaraji from yesterday ^^

Subaraji 10.29.2011


Subaraji 10.22.2011

Here is yesterday's Subaraji ^^

Subaraji 10.22.2011

FIGHT cover

The album's cover has been updated in the Kanjani8's Teichiku homepage~^^
I wished Eito was on the cover, but it's better than nothing XD



Subaraji 10.15.2011

I have uploaded yesterday's Subaraji ^^

Sorry I wasn't able to do last week's. I've recorded it, but the file crashed. I don't have last week's no more T_T

Subaraji 10.15.2011


Kanjani8 album info (official)

Kanjani8's new album "FIGHT" is going to be released of 11/16/2011.
There are 3 versions: Limited Edition A, Limited Edition B, and Regular Edition.

Album infoCollapse )


Kanjani8 album song

Today, recomen released a new song of Eito's new album.

I think the name of the song was "Monjai Beat"
I was so happy to hear it :)  I was also glad that the song didn't lag that much since I ripped it from keyhole ^^

Recomen song cut 10.13.2011

The album is to be released 11/16/2011

Yoko and Hina said that there will be a limited edition A and B that will contain a DVD and a regular edition that contains the unit songs ^^
They said that Subaru and Ryo-chan will each do solos.
Hina, Tacchon, and Yasu will sing together.
Yoko and Maru will sing together :D
I'm so excited!!