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honeybunny8's Journal

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"I am Japanese. I was born in the US. I really love Japan and would like to live there someday. I really love dramas, mostly Japanese.
I really love food, especially sweets. Foods I like: ramen, gyoza, sushi, kara-age (fried chicken), meat bun, chocolate, ice cream, cream puffs, dorayaki, castella, daifuku, shortcake….and more.
I really really love JE or Johnny’s Entertainment. JE I like: Arashi, Kanjani8, NEWS, V6, and KinKi Kids."

"∞Arashi was the first group that made me fall in love with JE. I think they are fabulous. They are really good at singing and dancing, though everyone is too. Their songs like “Happiness” and “Step and Go” always make me happy. My favorite is Sakurai Sho!
∞V6 is really wonderful. I am always amazed with their works like in concerts and stages. I also love their dances. I can see them still dancing so much even when they are an ojisan. My favorite is swaying through Okada Junichi and Miyake Ken.
∞KinKi Kids is very very lovely. They really have beautiful voices O_o. They are also funny too~! I’m always laughing when I watch Domoto Kyoudai. I think they have this GAP that makes them really Kakkoii~~! Both are my favorites.
∞NEWS is really remarkable. I love their concerts and performances. I always look forward to their solo works, though I would really love it if they work as a group. Concerts are the best when it comes with the six. I really love their pureness. My favorite is Koyama Keiichiro~.
∞Kanjani8, they are the best! Like KinKi Kids, they have the GAP of funniness and coolness. Ah~ Osaka-men are very funny~!! Also, I love all of their works like concerts and songs. I think they are the only group that makes “non-JE” songs like “Zukkoke Otokomichi”, “Wahaha”, and “It’s My Soul” which I really love. I want to talk more about them, but I believe it will take forever ^^. I really love all of them and I sway through them when it comes to favorites. Right now, Maru-chan is leading~."



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